Trail Maple Leaf Band Music Repertoire

The Trail Maple Leaf Band’s playing season usually runs from September of each year to the following June, with July and August off. The season is further broken down into three sections, Remembrance Day, Christmas, and a “Regular” (or non-themed) season which feature themed music as appropriate.

Christmas Season Music Play List For 2019

Concert pieces will be selected from the following:
Title Composer/Arranger Published
An Old English Christmas J. Ployhar
Christmas at the Symphony M. Story 2017
Christmas Greeting March “Traditional Medley”/Walters 1951
Feliz Navidad J.Feliciano/V.Lopez 1970
Frosty the Snowman W. Nelson & J. Rollins/Leonard 1950/1951
Here Comes Santa Claus G. Autrey & O. Haldeman/Leonard 1948/1950
Holiday Funny Favorites P. Murtha
Jingle Bells “Traditional” (J.L. Pierpoint)/Leonard 1948
Journey of the Magi G.Milford 2017
Mary's Little Boy Child J.Hairston / L.Kerchner 1956/2018
Midnight Carols Traditional / J.Davis 2016
Noel, Noel Traditional / P.Roszell 2015
Rudolph's Christmas Concert J.Marks / E.Osterling 1962
White Christmas Irving Berlin / Edmonson 1940/1979

Regular Season Music Play List For 2019

Title Composer/Arranger Published
A Medley Of Hits From 1919
Medley: "Ja-da", "A Pretty Girl is like a Melody", "Mandy", "I'm Forever Blowing Bubbles", "Rose Room", "After You're Gone", "How 'Ya Gonna Keep 'Em Down on the Farm?"
Various / J.Fuoco 1918/1919
Devonshire Overture J.Ployhar 1976
Eagles - The Long Run Eagles / B.Lowden 1979/1980
Highland Cathedral U.Roever & M.Korb / J.Fuoco
Just A Gigolo/I Ain't Got Nobody J.Vinson 1985
Mamma Mia B.Andersson / M.Story 1975
Spookyville E.Kennedy 2011
The Bells Of Dunblane R.Mathieson / J.Fuoco 2014
The Best Of Henry Mancini H.Mancini / J.Vinson 2013
The Three Faces Of Kilimanjaro R.Smith 2003
The Winner Takes It All ABBA / J.Edmondson 1980
Triumphal March E.Grieg / J.Ployhar 1976

Regular Season March Book Pieces 2019

Title Composer/Arranger Published
Invercargill Alex. Lithgow/Laurendeau 1901
Louie, Louie (by The Kingsmen) Richard Berry/Sweeney 1957/1987
The Thunderer John Philip Sousa/Yoder 1947
Dixieland Strut Frank D. Cofield 1964
Peter Gunn Theme Henry Mancini/Warrington 1958/1959
The Show Boy Will Huff 1911